Superintendent's Message

             Mrs. Endsley   

Today, October 13th, is our 6th week of school.  Great planning over the summer and continuous communication among the staff and community has resulted in the progress we are seeing on a daily basis.  Our students, staff and parents have gotten the hang of the changes we've implemented, which include several health and safety protocols, new technology programs and processes, and various stipulations.  Having Mondays as Remote Learning Days for all students and staff has afforded us the opportunity to teach and learn in a virtual setting.  We are well-prepared for the possibility of a "full-remote" situation or individual quarantines due to contracting COVID-19 or being exposed and out of school for a period of time.  Therefore, a hybrid plan has been extremely beneficial for everyone!

I am very proud of our students and staff who have embraced the many changes and challenges.  We are making authentic decisions daily on how we can continue to have experiences, but in a different way.  The compassion and resilience is notable and appreciated!

Spencerville's Vision: Learning and Growing Together as One School, One Community, One Purpose.

Cindy Endsley, Superintendent


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