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Spencerville Local Schools

Spencerville Educational Foundation

Who benefits from the Ed Foundation? Why donate to the Ed Foundation?

The Spencerville Educational Foundation is a nonprofit corporation designed to promote, improve, enrich and supplement programs and activities beyond what is possible with public funds.

The foundation became a 501 C(3) nonprofit, tax exempt charitable organization in February 1992. The intent of the foundation is to cooperate with and assist the Board of Education, administration, and staff of Spencerville Schools in achieving the educational purpose of the Board of Education and the community.

The foundation provides a vehicle for giving - for both individuals and corporations - to enhance the quality of the education in our community. 

Each contribution marks another step toward the achievement of excellence in our schools and students.






How can you give to the Spencerville Educational Foundation?

Outright Gifts - Cash or securities. Incremental Gifts - Gifts made in planned stages over a period of time.
Memorial Gifts - Honoring friends, relatives. alumni or educators. Special Gifts - Money to endow a subject area or underwrite or other educational purposes of the donor's choice.
Deferred Gifts - Bequests, life insurance, annuities and trusts. Payroll Deduction - Through your employer.
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Click here to donate by check or cash



Goals of the Foundation

*Build an (endowment) fund to support the purpose of the foundation

*Carry out other specific requests of the donor as approved by the foundation.

*Provide scholarships to graduating students for further post-secondary training

*Provide and enrich curriculum

*Create a student/teacher grant program for projects outside the normal school curriculum that will enrich the opportunities for the students of Spencerville Schools

Your contribution is very much appreciated!

Past activities supported by the

Spencerville Educational Foundation:

Scholarship Awards totaling $35,100 since 1995

Annual K-12 Spencerville Art Show

Kdg. Math/Counting/Number Skills Project

Grades K-3 Title I Awards Breakfast

Grades K-3 Special Ed. Gen. Store & Trip

Grades K-4 Reading Rewards

Grades K-4 Right to Read Week Project

Grade 1 Nursing Home Monthly Visitations

Grade 1 Boonshoft Museum Trip

Grades 1-3 Value of Money Projects

Grade 2 Ft. Wayne Zoo Trip

Grade 3 Ohio Caverns & Johnston Farm History Trips

Grade 4 Reading Club

Grade 4 Spelling Incentive Project

Grades 1-8 Reading Counts Activities

Grade 3 - Science Central Field Trip

Grade 5 Positive Creativity Project

Grades 6-8 FOCUS Science Enhancement Project

Grades 6-7 Math Awards Project

Grade 7 Puppet Theater Project

Grade 7 Historical Person Project

Grades 7-8 Reading Contests

Grades 6-8 Special Ed. Incentive Project

Grade 8 Self Mast Project & Autobiography Project

Middle School PRIDE Program

Grades 7-12 Vocal Music Contest Awards Project

Grades 9-12 Special Ed. Thanksgiving Dinner Project

Grades 9-12 Violence in Art Project

Grade 12 Greek Breakfast Project

High School Students Honored for Success (SHS)

High School Toledo Zoo Trip