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AbelRachel  -  EL Grade 4 419-647-4111 Ext: 3157
[Email] for Rachel Abel [Profile] for Rachel Abel
BallPaula  -  Cafe: Head Cook
[Email] for Paula Ball [Profile] for Paula Ball
BaumgartnerJames  -  Guidance 9-12 419-647-4111 Ext: 3125
[Email] for James Baumgartner [Profile] for James Baumgartner
BaumgartnerJoy  -  HS Intervention Specialist (9-12) 419-647-4111 Ext: 3234
[Email] for Joy Baumgartner [Profile] for Joy Baumgartner
BeiningAmanda  -  HS/MS Vocal Music 419-647-4111 Ext: 3235
[Email] for Amanda Beining [Profile] for Amanda Beining
BertkeAnne  -  EL Grade 4 419-647-4111 Ext: 3158
[Email] for Anne Bertke [Profile] for Anne Bertke
BiceMargaret (Maggie)  -  ACESC MD1 419-647-4111 Ext: 3147
[Email] for Margaret (Maggie) Bice [Profile] for Margaret (Maggie) Bice
BinkleyCathy  -  Cafe - Cook
[Email] for Cathy Binkley [Profile] for Cathy Binkley
BoedickerSasha  -  Café/5-hr Cook 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Sasha Boedicker [Profile] for Sasha Boedicker
BohyerRachel  -  Tutor 419-647-4111 Ext: 3488
[Email] for Rachel Bohyer [Profile] for Rachel Bohyer
BowsherCindy  -  Bus Sub Driver 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Cindy Bowsher [Profile] for Cindy Bowsher
BrennemanHarmony  -  HS Social Studies 419-647-4111 Ext: 3117
[Email] for Harmony Brenneman [Profile] for Harmony Brenneman
BrinkmanMichelle  -  HS Math 419-647-4111 Ext: 3128
[Email] for Michelle Brinkman [Profile] for Michelle Brinkman
BrownMichele  -  EL Grade 2 419-647-4111 Ext: 3180
[Email] for Michele Brown [Profile] for Michele Brown
BuergerJosh  -  EL - 1st Grade 419-647-4111 Ext: 3129
[Email] for Josh Buerger [Profile] for Josh Buerger
BurdenSarah  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Sarah Burden [Profile] for Sarah Burden
CarlessMeghan  -  HS Science 419-647-4111 Ext: 3233
[Email] for Meghan Carless [Profile] for Meghan Carless
CarterChristie  -  ESC Gifted Instructor 419-647-4111 Ext: 3164
[Email] for Christie Carter [Profile] for Christie Carter
ChandlerLeslie  -  MD for 5-8th grade
[Email] for Leslie Chandler [Profile] for Leslie Chandler
ClarkTracy  -  Secretary EL Grades K-4 419-647-4113
[Email] for Tracy Clark [Profile] for Tracy Clark
ClumSpencer  -  Board Member (President)
[Email] for Spencer Clum [Profile] for Spencer Clum
CollinsReyna  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Reyna Collins [Profile] for Reyna Collins
CookAlyssa  -  EL Grade 2 419-647-4111 Ext: 3184
[Email] for Alyssa Cook [Profile] for Alyssa Cook
DavisChelsea  -  HS Science 419-647-4111 Ext: 3236
[Email] for Chelsea Davis [Profile] for Chelsea Davis
DickeGrace  -  Vo-Ag Teacher 419-647-4111 Ext: 3211
[Email] for Grace Dicke [Profile] for Grace Dicke
DickeHeather  -  Bus Sub Driver 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Heather Dicke [Profile] for Heather Dicke
EdingerJohn  -  Principal MS 419-647-4111 Ext: 3500
[Email] for John Edinger [Profile] for John Edinger
EickholtDoug  -  Bus Sub Driver
[Email] for Doug Eickholt [Profile] for Doug Eickholt
EkisGreg  -  HS/MS Phys Ed/Health 419-647-4111 Ext: 3241
[Email] for Greg Ekis [Profile] for Greg Ekis
EkisKimberly  -  Admin Asst/EMIS 419-647-4111 Ext: 3201
[Email] for Kimberly Ekis [Profile] for Kimberly Ekis
ElkinsLoren  -  Technology Assistant 419-647-4111 Ext: 3319
[Email] for Loren Elkins [Profile] for Loren Elkins
EnglandBev  -  MS Grade 5 Math 419-647-4111 Ext: 3187
[Email] for Bev England [Profile] for Bev England
EricksonChristina  -  Nurse 419-647-4111 Ext: 3105
[Email] for Christina Erickson [Profile] for Christina Erickson
EricksonLee  -  Bus Mechanic 419-647-4111 Ext: 3108
[Email] for Lee Erickson [Profile] for Lee Erickson
EvansDave  -  Bus Driver 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Dave Evans [Profile] for Dave Evans
Evans (Cottrill)Amber  -  Bus Driver
[Email] for Amber Evans (Cottrill) [Profile] for Amber Evans (Cottrill)
FalkeShane  -  EL/MS Phys. Ed. 419-647-4111 Ext: 3136
[Email] for Shane Falke [Profile] for Shane Falke
FinleyAlyssa  -  Maintenance
[Email] for Alyssa Finley [Profile] for Alyssa Finley
FosnaughEmma  -  EL Art K-5 & 7th Grade Art 419-647-4111 Ext: 3149
[Email] for Emma Fosnaugh [Profile] for Emma Fosnaugh
GephartScott  -  Principal 9-12 419-647-4111 Ext: 3203
[Email] for Scott Gephart [Profile] for Scott Gephart
GermanDerik  -  Maintenance 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Derik German [Profile] for Derik German
GrahamMichael  -  EL/MS Technology 419-647-4111 Ext: 3137
[Email] for Michael Graham [Profile] for Michael Graham
GratzAmy  -  HS Art/Yearbook/8th Grade Art 419-647-4111 Ext: 3239
[Email] for Amy Gratz [Profile] for Amy Gratz
GravesDebra  -  Café/2-hr Cook 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Debra Graves [Profile] for Debra Graves
HanjoraKim  -  Café/6-hr Cook 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Kim Hanjora [Profile] for Kim Hanjora
HaysLeland  -  Treasurer 419-647-4111 Ext: 3204
[Email] for Leland Hays [Profile] for Leland Hays
HeibyLogan  -  Vo-Ag Teacher 419-647-4111 Ext: 3210
[Email] for Logan Heiby [Profile] for Logan Heiby
HemkerSarah  -  MS Science 419-647-4111 Ext: 3218
[Email] for Sarah Hemker [Profile] for Sarah Hemker
HobackAmy  -  MS Grade 5 ELA 419-647-4111 Ext: 3195
[Email] for Amy Hoback [Profile] for Amy Hoback
HollarCarole  -  EL Grade 1 419-647-4111 Ext: 3143
[Email] for Carole Hollar [Profile] for Carole Hollar
HollarHeidi  -  ESC Psychologist 419-647-4111 Ext: 3110
[Email] for Heidi Hollar [Profile] for Heidi Hollar
HollbrookDaniel  -  Custodian
[Email] for Daniel Hollbrook [Profile] for Daniel Hollbrook
HollbrookMatthew  -  Maintenance
[Email] for Matthew Hollbrook [Profile] for Matthew Hollbrook
HowellKatrina  -  ESC Teacher Aide
[Email] for Katrina Howell [Profile] for Katrina Howell
HuberJennifer  -  EL Grade 3 419-647-4111 Ext: 3189
[Email] for Jennifer Huber [Profile] for Jennifer Huber
HurstDaniele  -  EL Intervention Specialist K-1 419-647-4111 Ext: 3150
[Email] for Daniele Hurst [Profile] for Daniele Hurst
JamesKayla  -  EL Grade 2 419-647-4111 Ext: 3155
[Email] for Kayla James [Profile] for Kayla James
KantnerTracy  -  ESC Aide x3196
[Email] for Tracy Kantner [Profile] for Tracy Kantner
KavermanTara  -  Bus Driver/Transportation Supervisor 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Tara Kaverman [Profile] for Tara Kaverman
KellerMark  -  Bus Sub Driver 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Mark Keller [Profile] for Mark Keller
KellerRick  -  Bus Driver 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Rick Keller [Profile] for Rick Keller
KennedyBrittany  -  Secretary Grades 9-12 419-647-4111 Ext: 3200
[Email] for Brittany Kennedy [Profile] for Brittany Kennedy
KillDeb  -  Café Supervisor 419-647-4111 Ext: 3206
[Email] for Deb Kill [Profile] for Deb Kill
KlausLiz  -  Board Member
[Email] for Liz Klaus [Profile] for Liz Klaus
KlostermanEmily  -  HS English 419-647-4111 Ext: 3248
[Email] for Emily Klosterman [Profile] for Emily Klosterman
KoenigKyle  -  HS/MS Social Studies 419-647-4111 x3238
[Email] for Kyle Koenig [Profile] for Kyle Koenig
KoenigSydney  -  EL Grade 3 419-647-4111 Ext: 3142
[Email] for Sydney Koenig [Profile] for Sydney Koenig
KoesterRachel  -  ESC Speech/Hearing 419-647-4111 Ext: 3159
[Email] for Rachel Koester [Profile] for Rachel Koester
KylerAmanda  -  HS Spanish 419-647-4111 Ext: 3237
[Email] for Amanda Kyler [Profile] for Amanda Kyler
LaymanKeeley  -  ESC MD Teacher Aide 419-647-4111 Ext: 3489
[Email] for Keeley Layman [Profile] for Keeley Layman
LefikDon  -  Maintenance 419-647-4111 Ext: 3112
[Email] for Don Lefik [Profile] for Don Lefik
LenhartDave  -  TESOL Tutor x3360
[Email] for Dave Lenhart [Profile] for Dave Lenhart
LenhartKeith  -  HS Social Studies 419-647-4111 x3244
[Email] for Keith Lenhart [Profile] for Keith Lenhart
LouthTamara  -  Café/2-hr Cook
[Email] for Tamara Louth [Profile] for Tamara Louth
LyleDenise  -  Café/6-hr Cook 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Denise Lyle [Profile] for Denise Lyle
LyonsSuzanne  -  Kindergarten 419-647-4111 Ext: 3153
[Email] for Suzanne Lyons [Profile] for Suzanne Lyons
MaasTiffany  -  ESC PS Teacher x3328
[Email] for Tiffany Maas [Profile] for Tiffany Maas
MabryBarbara  -  MS Math & Reading 419-647-4111 Ext: 3190
[Email] for Barbara Mabry [Profile] for Barbara Mabry
MattinsonDanielle  -  ESC MS Aide x3196
[Email] for Danielle Mattinson [Profile] for Danielle Mattinson
McCormickKristina  -  EL Grade 1 419-647-4111 Ext: 3141
[Email] for Kristina McCormick [Profile] for Kristina McCormick
McMichaelBrian  -  Bus Sub Driver 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Brian McMichael [Profile] for Brian McMichael
MetzgerFred  -  Bus Sub Driver 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Fred Metzger [Profile] for Fred Metzger
MillerRon  -  Bus Driver 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Ron Miller [Profile] for Ron Miller
MooreCindy  -  ESC Educational Audiologist x3355
[Email] for Cindy Moore [Profile] for Cindy Moore
MorrisonTammy  -  ESC PS Teacher Aide 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Tammy Morrison [Profile] for Tammy Morrison
MozingoTiffany  -  ESC MD Teacher Aide
[Email] for Tiffany Mozingo [Profile] for Tiffany Mozingo
MulhollandTressa  -  EL Grade 4 419-647-4111 Ext: 3191
[Email] for Tressa Mulholland [Profile] for Tressa Mulholland
MullKayla  -  EL Kdg 419-647-4111 Ext: 3231
[Email] for Kayla Mull [Profile] for Kayla Mull
MunshowerRachel  -  MS Science 419-647-4111 Ext: 3219
[Email] for Rachel Munshower [Profile] for Rachel Munshower
OehlhofBrian  -  Bus Sub Driver 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Brian Oehlhof [Profile] for Brian Oehlhof
OrrRichard  -  HS Math 419-647-4111 Ext: 3245
[Email] for Richard Orr [Profile] for Richard Orr
OsterhageBrianna  -  Intervention Specialist 419-647-4111 Ext: 3170
[Email] for Brianna Osterhage [Profile] for Brianna Osterhage
PainterRenee  -  Educational Aide 419-647-4111 Ext: 3480
[Email] for Renee Painter [Profile] for Renee Painter
PohlmanNate  -  Board Member
[Email] for Nate Pohlman [Profile] for Nate Pohlman
PrichardClarke  -  Board Member
[Email] for Clarke Prichard [Profile] for Clarke Prichard
PrichardMelissa  -  MS ELA 419-647-4111 Ext: 3104
[Email] for Melissa Prichard [Profile] for Melissa Prichard
PughJen  -  MS Grade 6 ELA 419-647-4111 Ext: 3120
[Email] for Jen Pugh [Profile] for Jen Pugh
PurdyKarri  -  Family Consumer Science 419-647-4111 Ext: 3240
[Email] for Karri Purdy [Profile] for Karri Purdy
RammelCindy  -  MS English & Reading 419-647-4111 Ext: 3132
[Email] for Cindy Rammel [Profile] for Cindy Rammel
RickerRebekah  -  EL Music 419-647-4111 Ext: 3145
[Email] for Rebekah Ricker [Profile] for Rebekah Ricker
RingwaldLori  -  Board Member
[Email] for Lori Ringwald [Profile] for Lori Ringwald
RobertsCole  -  Fiscal Assistant 419-647-4111 Ext: 3127
[Email] for Cole Roberts [Profile] for Cole Roberts
RobyVicky  -  Bus Sub Driver
[Email] for Vicky Roby [Profile] for Vicky Roby
RoofKimberly  -  Café/6-hr Cook 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Kimberly Roof [Profile] for Kimberly Roof
RydellKeith  -  MD 419-647-4111 Ext: 3196
[Email] for Keith Rydell [Profile] for Keith Rydell
SadlerPaul  -  HS Technology/Photography 419-647-4111 Ext: 3317
[Email] for Paul Sadler [Profile] for Paul Sadler
SchnipkeChelsea  -  Social Worker 419-647-4111 Ext: 3130
[Email] for Chelsea Schnipke [Profile] for Chelsea Schnipke
SchroederAnn  -  ESC 419-647-4111 Ext: 3197
[Email] for Ann Schroeder [Profile] for Ann Schroeder
SchwarkKaren  -  Van Driver
[Email] for Karen Schwark [Profile] for Karen Schwark
SchwartzAmy  -  EL Kdg 419-647-4111 Ext: 3154
[Email] for Amy Schwartz [Profile] for Amy Schwartz
SchwartzLori  -  MS Grade 5 419-647-4111 Ext: 3139
[Email] for Lori Schwartz [Profile] for Lori Schwartz
SeibertTiffany  -  Educational Aide and Library Monitor 419-647-4111 x3208
[Email] for Tiffany Seibert [Profile] for Tiffany Seibert
SensabaughKevin  -  MS Social Studies 419-647-4111 Ext: 3126
[Email] for Kevin Sensabaugh [Profile] for Kevin Sensabaugh
SharpDarren  -  MS Math 419-647-4111 Ext: 3133
[Email] for Darren Sharp [Profile] for Darren Sharp
ShawBen  -  Maintenance 419-647-4111 Ext: 3148
[Email] for Ben Shaw [Profile] for Ben Shaw
ShoppellAmy  -  Technology Coordinator 419-647-4111 x 3114
[Email] for Amy Shoppell [Profile] for Amy Shoppell
ShumatePam  -  HS/MS Math 419-647-4111 Ext: 3243
[Email] for Pam Shumate [Profile] for Pam Shumate
SmithTrenton  -  EL Title I 419-647-4111 Ext: 3450
[Email] for Trenton Smith [Profile] for Trenton Smith
SnipesJennifer  -  ESC PS Teacher 419-647-4111 Ext: 3329
[Email] for Jennifer Snipes [Profile] for Jennifer Snipes
SommersChris  -  Digital Academy Coordinator 419-647-4111 Ext: 3162
[Email] for Chris Sommers [Profile] for Chris Sommers
SommersSara  -  Digital Academy Aide 419-647-4111 Ext: 3492
[Email] for Sara Sommers [Profile] for Sara Sommers
StemenRebekah  -  EL Grade 3 419-647-4111 Ext: 3140
[Email] for Rebekah Stemen [Profile] for Rebekah Stemen
StemenZachary  -  Maintenance Supervisor 419-647-4111 Ext: 3414
[Email] for Zachary Stemen [Profile] for Zachary Stemen
StephensonJennifer  -  EL Title I 419-647-4111 Ext: 3146
[Email] for Jennifer Stephenson [Profile] for Jennifer Stephenson
StewartMandi  -  Monitor/Library 419-647-4111 Ext: 3208
[Email] for Mandi Stewart [Profile] for Mandi Stewart
StilesGinger  -  ESC PS Aide
[Email] for Ginger Stiles [Profile] for Ginger Stiles
StirnRebecca  -  ESC MD Aide
[Email] for Rebecca Stirn [Profile] for Rebecca Stirn
StoberJosiah  -  Intervention 419-647-4111 x3156
[Email] for Josiah Stober [Profile] for Josiah Stober
SueverTerri  -  EL Grade 1 419-647-4111 Ext: 3152
[Email] for Terri Suever [Profile] for Terri Suever
ThompsonAnna  -  EL Grade 4 419-647-4111 Ext: 3151
[Email] for Anna Thompson [Profile] for Anna Thompson
ThompsonLezlie  -  EL Kdg 419-647-4111 Ext: 3199
[Email] for Lezlie Thompson [Profile] for Lezlie Thompson
ThompsonTera  -  Treasurer Assistant x3213
[Email] for Tera Thompson [Profile] for Tera Thompson
TuckerAndrea  -  Monitor/Recess 419-647-4111 Ext: 3144
[Email] for Andrea Tucker [Profile] for Andrea Tucker
VanGorderJosh  -  HS/MS Band 419-647-4111 Ext: 3209
[Email] for Josh VanGorder [Profile] for Josh VanGorder
VasquezJoshua  -  HS English 419-647-4111 Ext: 3247
[Email] for Joshua Vasquez [Profile] for Joshua Vasquez
VerhoffJason  -  Maintenance
[Email] for Jason Verhoff [Profile] for Jason Verhoff
VoiceKelly  -  ESC PS OT 419-647-4111 Ext:
[Email] for Kelly Voice [Profile] for Kelly Voice
WagnerSusan  -  Principal K-4 419-647-4111 Ext: 3101
[Email] for Susan Wagner [Profile] for Susan Wagner
WapplehorstMelanie  -  Sign Language Interpreter
[Email] for Melanie Wapplehorst [Profile] for Melanie Wapplehorst
WilliamsKelli  -  Athletic Director 419-647-4111 Ext: 3216
[Email] for Kelli Williams [Profile] for Kelli Williams
WillrathPriscilla  -  EL Intervention Specialist (4) 419-647-4111 Ext: 3138
[Email] for Priscilla Willrath [Profile] for Priscilla Willrath
WoodBillie  -  Secretary MS Grades 5-8 419-647-4111 Ext: 3103
[Email] for Billie Wood [Profile] for Billie Wood
WoodsBrian  -  Superintendent 419-647-4111 Ext: 3205
[Email] for Brian Woods [Profile] for Brian Woods
WoodsJulie  -  MS Gr 5-6 Intervention Specialist 419-647-4111 Ext: 3135
[Email] for Julie Woods [Profile] for Julie Woods
ZenzKory  -  MS Intervention Specialist (7-10) 419-647-4111 Ext: 3217
[Email] for Kory Zenz [Profile] for Kory Zenz
ZerbeBrooke  -  Guidance K-8 419-647-4111 Ext: 3121
[Email] for Brooke Zerbe [Profile] for Brooke Zerbe