Principal's Message

Mrs. Wagner

Susan Wagner
Principal K-4

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!!

I hope you enjoyed your summer and spent the time reconnecting with family and friends. The elementary staff is excited to have students return to in-person learning for 5 days a week. We believe being in school full time will enable us to provide the best educational opportunities for all students.

Staff will continue to communicate using class dojo. Teachers will send out instructions for new class accounts. Contact with your child's teacher can also be made via email or phone call. 

Arrival will continue as usual for students who do not ride the bus. Drop off will be at the main entrance under the bell tower. Students will enter the building at 8:25.

Dismissal will continue in the same manner as last year. K-4 students who do not ride the bus will be picked up in the west parking lot off Kolter Rd as usual. I am asking that parents/guardians pull into a parking spot and walk up to the grade level line to pick up your child. Please DO NOT park along the sidewalk for pick up as this will create a “bottleneck” into the drive that leads into the parking lot.

The board approved the following grading scale and point values at the June meeting. This scale will apply to all students in grades 1-12. While elementary students do not calculate a grade point average, the scale will contribute to letter grades earned for their grade card.

 A 94-100 (4.0), A- 90-93 (3.7), B+ 87-89 (3.3), B 83-86 (3.0), B- 80-82 (2.7), C+ 77-79 (2.3), C 73-76 (2.0), C- 70-72 (1.7), D+ 67-69 (1.3), D 63-66 (1.0), D- 60-62 (0.7), F 59-0 (0.0). 

I would like to thank our PTO, parents and students for a successful Laps for Learning campaign in the spring! The staff and students had a blast!! PTO is vital to providing wonderful opportunities for our students! PTO sponsors all K-4 fieldtrips, books for our classrooms and libraries, and multiple rewards teachers give to students. We appreciate all of the time and effort these volunteers give to our school community. Please consider being a part of this amazing organization!! Please contact Amy Pohlman for more information.

Unfortunately, Covid is still lingering and causing some concerns for the upcoming school year. The elementary staff will do our best to keep our students safe and healthy. Our goal is not to create anxiety for our students and to keep our learning environments as normal as possible. I believe our staff did an outstanding job with this last year and will continue to do the same this year. We look forward to a productive and engaging school year. Please keep the lines of communication open. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. My door is always open. Feel free to contact me via phone at (419) 647-4113 ext 3101 or via email at


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