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Principal's Message

Mr. Edinger

John Edinger
Principal MS

As the principal of Spencerville Middle School, I am excited to welcome you to the 2021-22 school year.  First, let me thank you for your support and understanding as we responded to the guidelines of the pandemic.  Our students, parents, staff, and community handled the demands very well in sudden change moments.  I want everyone to know how blessed I am to have a great school family. Teachers, Secretaries, Support Staff, Fellow Administrators, Counselors, Nurse, Custodians, Café Staff, Bus Drivers, Parents/Guardians. I believe we have all grown to appreciate each other's commitment to children. I pray that we continue to grow together, find some peace, and that we all continue to work as a team. 

Welcome new staff members to the Spencerville Middle School!  Mr. Kyle Koenig will be teaching 8th grade Social Studies.  Kyle recently graduated from Bowling Green State University and has local ties as he also graduated from Marion Local High School.  Mr. Josiah Stober will be our new intervention teacher.  Josiah is a Spencerville graduate and has recently been teaching at the Delphos City Schools.  A newly position as a 5-12 tutor has been filled by Mrs. Rachel Bohyer.  Rachel has been working in the Spencerville School System as an educational aide.  

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Keller and Brody Sommers as they were selected as the American Legion Student of the Year for the 20-21 school year.  This award is given to a boy/girl in 8th grade that demonstrates strong qualities of character and citizenship.  Each student will receive up to $75 for the next school year’s fees paid by the American Legion.  We thank the American Legion for recognizing these students and their continued support.   

Here are some bullet points for our re-opening: 

  • Agenda Books – there will be no agenda books this year.  Click Here for the handbook. 

  • Lockers – will be provided as usual - locks will not be provided but can be issued upon request.  We ask that if you use a lock, please use ours. 

  • Backpacks – encouraged for grades 6-8  

  • Arrival to school – Doors will open at 7:25 a.m. - students will either go to breakfast or 1st period when entering the building 

  • Breakfast/Lunch - Free for everyone this school year 

  • Water Bottles – encouraged as fountains will only be used as a refill station 

  • Attendance – if your child will be absent, please call/email Billie at 419-647-4112 x3103 or Personal texts or social media outlets will not be accepted. 

New Grading Scale: The board approved the following grading scale and point values at the June meeting: A 94-100 (4.0), A- 90-93 (3.7), B+ 87-89 (3.3), B 83-86 (3.0), B- 80-82 (2.7), C+ 77-79 (2.3), C 73-76 (2.0), C- 70-72 (1.7), D+ 67-69 (1.3), D 63-66 (1.0), D- 60-62 (0.7), F 59-0 (0.0). 

The number one factor in your son or daughter’s education is YOU! To me things are very simple to be successful, show up with a great attitude, treat people kindly, do what is expected, and prepare to learn! These things cost nothing to do!  A great read and print-off to hang on your mirror titled “10 Things that require zero talent” can be found by clicking here. 

I ask that you: 

  1. Make time for daily chats about school 

  1. Don’t accept “Nothing” when you ask your child “What did you learn today?” 

  1. Check that homework is complete 

  1. Support the school, become familiar with the school policies. 


Bottom line be involved!  I have always said, the most difficult yet rewarding job of all is being a parent.  Don’t assume that once they are in middle school, they don’t need your involvement.  They do!  The entire faculty and staff are looking forward to welcoming your children back. I welcome and value your positive energy and dedication to excellence in education, and I look forward to working with you and your children.  As you know, it takes a strong connection with the community and vital to the strength of the connection is communication and understanding the system.  I ask that if you ever have a concern/question, please contact the school directly for information. Social media can be a great tool for information yet many use it as a venting ground without specifics. This may lead to unexpected confusion. Please know that your child is important to us.  

A great quote to live by...“Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return, and you will never be disappointed”. Good luck to you this upcoming school year! 

Learning and Growing Together as One School, One Community, One Purpose


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